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Psychic Healer & 

Release, Relax, Heal

Jena is a powerful psychic healer, channeling expert, and a Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui and Violet Flame Reiki. Through her own spiritual journey and ascension, she has been guided on how to best be of service to humanity using her gifts. Jena works alongside Archangels, Angels, and spirit guides to assist her clients in healing and spiritual growth. She facilitates soul-level healing in clients' Akashic Records by transmuting outdated beliefs, limiting thoughts and patterns, traumas and events.

Featured Services


Psychic Healing Session

Experience healing on your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects through the Akashic Records, Reiki, and other energy work. Every session is uniquely tailored to your needs. Break free from what no longer serves you and create more of what you desire NOW. At the end of the session, I will smooth all identified aspects, open up all your chakras, fill you with Source energy, center and ground you.

60 minute session $110 USD



Spiritual Guidance Session

Connect with your spirit guides and angels to receive guidance and support in all areas of your life including relationships, health, finances, career and more. 



                                                                                 60 minute session $110 USD

"As a child who interacted with the spiritual world, I found myself frightened and feeling so alone. I didn't understand what was happening and didn't know who to talk to about what I was experiencing. On one hand, I thought something must have been wrong with me. On the other hand, I knew this was a gift and one day I would fully understand why I had it. My soul's purpose is to help others understand that we are never alone and to help bring about healing and growth. There is so much love and support for us in the astral realm, or heaven as many refer to it. Our loved ones in spirit are not so far away. If I can help others in their own ascension and support their spiritual path, then my hope is to ease the pain and help clients move through their fears."

-Jena Biermann

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Jena's Why

Jena's Why


What Clients Say


Jena has a special talent, a very easy going personality and puts you at ease so you can concentrate on the healing messages she is channeling. She is truly a gift for those in need of energy healing! Will definitely be a repeat customer!



"Love yourself enough to heal your wounds and face your fears. Let the light shine in and illuminate the parts of you that need healing the most. Experience soul-level healing and change your life."

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