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Jena is a psychic healer, Akashic Records healer, powerful intuitive, and medium. She is a Reiki Master in both Usui Reiki and Violet Flame Reiki.  Jena has always understood that her soul purpose is to help others. Through her own spiritual journey and ascension, she has been guided on how to best be of service to humanity using her gifts. Jena works with Archangels and Angels, spirit guides, clients' loved ones and other beings to assist her clients in healing and spiritual growth. She facilitates soul level healing in clients' Akashic Records by transmuting traumas, events, beliefs, thoughts and patterns.

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Healing Sessions

Experience healing on your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic aspects through your Akashic Records, Reiki, and other energy work. Available via  video chat.

60 minute session $90 USD


Spiritual Communication Sessions

Connect with your spirit guides, loved ones and other beings to receive guidance and support in all areas of your life including relationships, health, finances, career and more. Available via video chat.

60 minute session $90 USD


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, also known as "The Book of Life," are where all information for every soul is stored. These records contain our every thought, deed, word, feeling and intent. You can examine past lives and receive guidance and healing from your soul's records. Currently remote only.

30 minute session $50
60 minute session $80

Why I do what I do?

"As a child who interacted with the spiritual world, I found myself frightened and feeling so alone. I didn't understand what was happening and didn't know who to talk to about what I was experiencing. On one hand, I thought something must have been wrong with me. On the other hand, I knew this was a gift and one day I would fully understand why I had it. My soul's purpose is to help others understand that we are never alone and to help bring about healing and growth. There is so much love and support for us in the astral realm, or heaven as many refer to it. Our loved ones in spirit are not so far away. If I can help others in their own ascension and support their spiritual path, then my hope is to ease the pain and help clients move through their fears."
-Jena Biermann

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Customers About Jena

Jena did a spirit guide reading for me, and wow, wow, wow. She ended up reading someone who I believe was my grandma, whom I lost over 30 years ago. She knew things that confirmed for me it was my grandma. What a great treat for my heart and soul to know my grandma is still with me and watching over me. Jena has an amazing gift and if you have the opportunity to work with her, you will walk away with a full heart and soul.
"I met Jena through a few different channeling workshops we took together in September. I instantly felt a connection with her and we have become good friends now. I have had three sessions with Jena and she has really blown me away with the speed and accuracy of the information she brings through. In every session I've had with her, she is able to connect with multiple beings in a short time including my spirit guides and grandpa. Jena is able to deliver very specific information as to what guides want you to know, what they can help you with and what they would like you to work on. Something I aspire to improve for myself in my own readings with people. The messages that Jena has relayed to me have resonated very well. After every session we've had I leave feeling so much better about myself and I feel the support of all the wonderful beings supporting me. She speaks truly and with integrity. I know she wishes the best for me. Overall, I am glad to call Jena a true friend of mine and I recommend her to anyone looking for assistance connecting with their spirit guides and/or loved ones. Much love.
Jena did a phenomenal job with addressing my concerns and spending adequate time with me. She listens well and provides valuable insight and feedback. I highly recommend a healing session with her if you are feeling stuck emotionally/mentally.
I had a remote Akashic records session with Jena recently and it was beyond amazing! I had no expectations as it was a quick 15 min reading, but I was blown away by her. She helped me remember things from my past that have impacted me in this current lifetime. I was moved to tears. Jena was able to remove blockages for me so I can continue on the path for my soul's purpose. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. This woman is the real deal. I can't recommend her enough. Even a quick 15 minute reading from Jena can be life changing. Thank you!
She was very calming and answered all my questions. She knew things that made me feel comfortable in what she was telling me. I felt I was in really good hands.
During my spiritual blackout I was able to turn to Jena for assistance with channeling. So grateful for the quick response, caring delivery of messages and her accuracy. Keep up the great work, Jena!
I was fortunate enough to have Jena help me out when I was unable to connect myself spiritually and could not channel any information. Jena was able to channel the information for me to help heal and connect myself again. Thank you so much Jena, you are an amazing channeler!
AMAZING!! The real deal. Thank you so much!! When she does a healing, you can FEEL what she is doing. It is tingling or cold or warm. I just love her!
Jena has a special talent, a very easy going personality and puts you at ease so you can concentrate on the healing messages she is channeling. She is truly a gift for those in need of energy healing! Will definitely be a repeat customer!
Jena was extremely professional and personable. She put me at ease and I felt as if a friend was giving me sacred information. I highly recommend Jena! I'm looking forward to my next visit with her.
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