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Akashic Records Healing

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Greetings! We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution. We long for connection and contemplate what's beyond ourselves. As we examine our lives, we seek answers. We seek to know ourselves at the deepest level and to feel like we have a higher calling.

To really know ourselves, we must first unpack all of the beliefs, thoughts, patterns and habits that we subscribe to every day. Where did these come from? Are they true for us in this moment? Are they serving a purpose? Are they holding us back from the life we want to live? This process requires faith, grace, patience, honesty, vulnerability, and the willingness to let go. As we meet ourselves at this most intimate level, we will find that excuses don't work. Living inauthentically doesn't work. Finally, the strategies and coping mechanisms we once used may no longer work.

Spiritual ascension is not always the zen, romanticized experience it's made out to be. The truth is, it can be very alarming and shake us to our core. We question everything we knew, we feel lost, and we may feel as though the world has been turned upside down. As we go down this path of awakening, we discover our true nature. We realize that we are eternal beings and are all interconnected. We understand that we are the creators of our lives and that we have the power to change what doesn't align with the life we desire. Once we decide to make changes, the universe conspires to support us. Our spirit guides will present us with options moving forward. As we come back to our true selves, we will see opportunities that align with what we desire. As part of this process, that which is no longer a vibrational match or fit with what we want, will fall away. Be it relationships, jobs, lifestyle, etc., we will feel in our souls what isn't serving us any longer. But, what if we hit that proverbial wall, so to speak? Then what?

This is where the healing really begins. When we realize that we need to make changes and have tried all of the tools in our toolkit, we may feel frustrated or revert to old patterns. We may feel like there is something wrong with us or that we will never escape our old patterns. When we reach this state and are tempted to give up, it's time to try a new approach. If we want real change and haven't found our way there with old strategies, we need to find the root cause of the behavior or belief that is limiting us. This is where the Akashic Records come in.

The Akashic Records is where all the information about our souls is stored, it is essentially an energetic library. Every thought, belief, action, event, contract, deal and agreement we have ever made in any lifetime exists in the Akashic Records. So how does examining past lives and all of these aspects contribute to healing us in the here and now? Though the information contained there is neutral, the effect it has on our current lives is not. For example, let's say that in your present life, you find yourself struggling to make and keep money. Through your Akashic Records, we may uncover a vow of poverty made in a previous lifetime. We may discover a belief that you are undeserving of money. Or perhaps we find a fear of losing money and therefore cling to it tightly versus experiencing a flow of abundance.

Another stumbling block that many of us encounter on the path to healing and ascension is our inheritance from generations past. This can range from traumas, dis-ease in the body, beliefs, harmful patterns, to adherence to outdated social codes. For example, perhaps as a child you were expected to be "seen and not heard." You were expected to be quiet and not express your thoughts for fear of being punished. This social code in the family may go back many generations and nobody ever questioned it or sought to change it. As an adult, you may now have a sluggish throat chakra and have difficulty expressing yourself. You may avoid conflict and develop people pleasing tendencies. By transforming your Akashic Record, you not only free yourself from this damaging pattern, but free your ancestors and future generations as well. Yes, you are that powerful and you can have a meaningful impact on yourself and throughout the family line.

Imagine the freedom we could experience by unearthing these root causes and no longer being held back by the past, subconscious or conscious. Envision taking control of our lives and not feeling like they controls us. By healing the past, we heal the present and future. We can heal and effect change in our Akashic Records and give ourselves a fresh palette with which to create. As we transform and release these limiting beliefs, patterns, traumas, and blocks, we invite freedom into our lives. We have the power to transform, heal and transcend. What once remained buried in our subconscious minds and Akashic Records is now accessible. We need not continue to struggle and feel shackled to what was. It is time to focus on the now, to create what we want, and to remove the barriers between us and our dreams.

When you feel called to continue your healing journey and need some support, I will be here. Remember, asking for help is a strength. Be gentle and give yourself a warm hug to acknowledge all that you have been through. Where you see a vulnerable mess, I see strength and resilience. Let the light shine in and illuminate the parts of you that need healing the most. You look beautiful like that. Light and love, Jena To book a session, visit

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