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Life can feel lonely or confusing at times. We need love, guidance and support. As a psychic healer, I work directly with Angels and Archangels to help facilitate soul level healing. I also communicate with spirit guides and loved ones in the Astral Realm to provide clients with spiritual guidance and closure. I feel absolutely honored to share in these experiences with my clients. I have undergone a tremendous transformation in my own life, both physical and spiritual, with the support and guidance of my own spirit guides and Angels. When my father died, I experienced immense grief. I wanted to communicate with him and continue to have his guiding hand in my life. Though his death was painful, it was the catalyst for the path I am on today. Through my healing journey, I nurtured and developed my abilities so that I could help others heal and find closure. My compassion, driven by my own personal experiences, puts clients at ease in a safe setting.

What to expect in a Healing Session

Healing work requires a lot of trust. I walk you through what is happening and hold space for the emotions that often surface. I will attempt to heal your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic beings through a combination of modalities. I may access your Akashic Records, use Reiki healing energy, or other energy work as needed. Every session is tailored to the client's needs. By examining clients' Akashic Records, I will attempt to uncover the root causes of health, relationship, financial, etc. difficulties. I assist my clients in breaking free from what no longer serves them and creating more of what they desire NOW.

What to expect in a Spiritual Communication Session

I bring forth detailed information to help validate my communication with both your spirit guides and loved ones. My spirit guides love to tell me, "Get comfortable being uncomfortable." Our spirit guides are here to support and guide us and not to necessarily tell us everything we want to hear. That being said, we have free will and therefore always have a choice. Spirit guides have a higher perspective than we do and can see different possibilities that we may not be aware of in our lives. No two sessions are the same, so expect the unexpected! What this means is that whatever is needed for your highest and greatest good in that moment will come through.

We are the creators of our lives and are always making choices. What are you choosing for your life? Are you creating what you desire or are you creating more of the same that has been holding you back?

-Jena Biermann
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