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The energy in our homes and the land that we live on has a direct impact on our health and spiritual well-being. The low vibrational energy created from arguments, bad moods, negativity and people coming in and out of our homes affects the overall energy of the property and people living there. Energy from the past including previous owners' energetic imprints, traumatic events that may have occurred in the home or on the land such as war, famine, and death can have a negative impact on our health, spiritual beings, our pets, and anything growing on the land. With this service, I will remotely and psychically do a thorough energy clearing of both the home and land beneath, do an Akashic Records clearing, remove all souls and/or beings, and place a 360 degree protective barrier around  the home. This service is especially important for those feeling unwanted energies in their homes, those moving into new homes/apartments and those trying to sell their homes in a timely manner. Client feedback from previous sessions includes: home felt calmer and quieter, clients experienced better sleep and felt lighter.


*Upon booking this service, please send an email to with the following information:  what type of property (i.e. house, apartment, condo) and attached or detached garage. This helps me to establish an appropriate perimeter. Service does not include detached buildings or people, results will vary, and no refunds after work has been completed. I will email you once the service is complete, and will only provide a report if something noteworthy is found.


Property Clearing & Protection (One Home & Acreage, Farm Or Business)

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